The challenges facing the real estate industry are complex and always changing. Beltran Accounting Services' clients in the real estate include property owners, investors, home buyers, and renters, who look forward to quality solutions that address the full range of business issues.

Beltran Accounting Services provides the following services:

Due Diligence

  • Property acquisitions
  • Entity acquisitions
  • Site visits

Audit and Attestation

  • Audits of financial statements, contracts, joint ventures and operating cost statements
  • Preparation and review of prospective financial data
  • Profit participation verification
  • Loan compliance
  • Lease audits


  • Back office bookkeeping and accounting for real estate funds and investment management companies
  • Preparation of monthly and quarterly financial statements and information
  • Administration of capital calls and distributions to investors
  • Computation of key performance indicators (i.e. IRR’s, Total Return, etc.)
  • Investor relations and information requests (i.e. Schedule K-1 reconciliations, confirmation of amount invested, etc.)